Bad Reporting of a Serious Crime

We appear to have a single witness suicide swerve in Mebane this weekend.  A single witness suicide swerve is a catch-all description where the only living witness's account of a crash is taken as gospel.

A 23-year-old man bicycling on Lebanon Road near Mebane died Saturday after he was struck by a vehicle, the State Highway Patrol said.

Ian E. Terrell of 1627 Foxfire Drive, Mebane, was riding about 2 p.m. on the east shoulder of Lebanon Road two miles east of Mebane when he swerved into the roadway and was struck by a vehicle, telecommunications supervisor John Swinney said. Orange County dispatchers said Terrell died at the scene.

Swinney said he did not know the name of the driver of the vehicle. He said the accident is under investigation.

We have some negligent reporting on what appears to be negligent driving.  Lebanon Rd does not have a shoulder therefore Ian Terrell could not be riding on it.  All the reporter had to do to debunk the witness testimony was pull up the road on Google maps and check the street view.

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  1. In the interest of accuracy, this section of Lebanon Road east of Mebane, where I understand the accident occurred, has an adequate shoulder.

    Although it's unusual for a cyclist to be riding on the shoulder, it is possible. The victim lived in the area on an unpaved road and could have been riding an off-road bike on the shoulder.

    Regardless of where the fault lies, the accident is a tragedy for both the rider and the driver. I can't imagine the pain their families and friends are experiencing.

  2. I've scanned all of Lebanon Rd out to 7800 Lebanon Rd and I have seen no paved shoulder.

  3. If anybody is guilty of negligence, it is the author of this article. Regardless if there is "adequate" shoulder width or not, why is a cyclist traveling on a road made for vehicular transportation, only? This is what literally pisses off the majority of us law abiding commuters; the negligence of the cycling community. I completely understand that people enjoy cycling and do so as a hobby, but there are designated areas and roads for this hobby. Apparently these locations must be "secret" to the cyclist community, because I constantly see 1,2...20 cyclist pedaling away like they were Lance Armstong himself, 3 abreast, on some blind spot littered winding back road. I dont mind sharing the road, but this whole "share" concept needs to be adapted by cyclists as well. End rant...

  4. Re: Reporting negligence--That is the point of my title.

    Re: Vehicular transportation--A bicycle is a vehicle. Please read the NC Vehicle Code.

    Re: Pissed off commuters--I'm one of them, and I use my bike to get to work every day of the year. I see more scofflaws in motor vehicles than you have ever seen on bicycles so don't go there.

    Re: designated areas--They tend to be more dangerous than the open roads due to all the neophytes that don't know how to ride or walk. You might think these areas are safer but you would be wrong. Perception and Reality often do not meet.

  5. I feel horrible that this young man died in such a horrible way, but i also feel for this young driver. This is something that will always haunt her. No where in any of the reports does it show that she was speeding or doing wrong. Everything shows that he came in to the road and that there are tire marks that show she tried to stop. I know that many of you bicyclist automatically side with him; but there are to sides. So don't bash her no one here knows the full story. Think of both sides anyone of us could have had this happen. None of us are the police/ detectives, nor were any of us there.

  6. RE:designated areas--I wonder whats more dangerous...riding a bike on a road with vehicles that weigh 3000+ pounds traveling 55+ MPH or riding a bike on a designated bike path where bicycles weigh 20+ pound and travel at 15+ MPH? I believe you are correct sir, regarding the neophytical cyclists, I also beleive a mirror would agree with you too.