BRT Update 7 Oct 09

An update on the progress on the BRT. It's getting harder (actually pretty much impossible) to shoot during the morning now that the sun rises around 7:30. This first shot was taken in the afternoon.

From Battleground Rail Trail

This is the trail south of Martinsville Rd. Since this shot soil has been dropped on top of the gravel to the level of the retaining wall bricks. I've not seen this style of grading before so I'm not sure what the goal is.

From Battleground Rail Trail

Another odd shot--They filled in the south end of the Cone Rd tunnel. My guess is they are trying to keep people out of an unstable environment while they work on the north end. They may also be trying to build up the soil on the walls of the ramp before they install the retaining walls.

On Yer Bike!


  1. Just found your blog today. Thanks for the pictures. I live on Martinsville Rd and I'm really excited about the BRT. It will be much better than going through Greensboro Country Club.