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The US Secretary of Transportation gets the message. The US Senate appears to get the message. When will the US public get the message? While waiting at a light at Bluford and Dudley yesterday I watched what every driver was doing as they attempted to pilot their motor vehicle down the road. Nine out of ten where on the phone. For all I know the tenth one was on the phone but had a hands-free device. What is so important that people must increase their crash risk by 400%?

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Confirmed--GSO Gets Bronze

An e-mail to the League of American Bicyclists has confirmed it. Greensboro, NC is now a Bronze Cycling Community.

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Breaking News

I haven't been able to verify this through the League of American Bicyclists yet but the Bicycle Retail and Industry News reports that Greensboro, NC has earned bronze community certification. I will continue to try to get verification on this story.

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Detached Bike Parking

I finally closed on my condo in central MD last week and immediately turned around and made an offer (which was accepted with some modification) on a nice home with a detached garage. This will put a bit of a crimp in my style regarding reporting on progress on the BRT as once I move it will no longer be along the way on my route to work but I still intend to go out of my way once in a while to keep up on the progress. Looks like major work on the Cone Rd tunnel is complete although they filled in the ends of the tunnel until the rest of the trail is ready, at least that's my guess as to why they filled it back in.

From Wrenwood Dr

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BRT Update 7 Oct 09

An update on the progress on the BRT. It's getting harder (actually pretty much impossible) to shoot during the morning now that the sun rises around 7:30. This first shot was taken in the afternoon.

From Battleground Rail Trail

This is the trail south of Martinsville Rd. Since this shot soil has been dropped on top of the gravel to the level of the retaining wall bricks. I've not seen this style of grading before so I'm not sure what the goal is.

From Battleground Rail Trail

Another odd shot--They filled in the south end of the Cone Rd tunnel. My guess is they are trying to keep people out of an unstable environment while they work on the north end. They may also be trying to build up the soil on the walls of the ramp before they install the retaining walls.

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37th Annual Carolina Cup Commentary

I finally completed the commentary on my Carolina Cup photos. Follow the link to see.