BRT--Now Atlantic and Yadkin

The stretch of rail to trail conversion that I have previously referred to as the Battleground Rail Trail will officially be called the Atlantic and Yadkin Trail. Also, the existing trail to the north will also be renamed the Atlantic and Yadkin. And finally, the section of trail from the paved ending north of Strawberry road to the right of way for US 220 is slated to be paved before the US 220 widening. This last is an urgent project because if the path runs up to US 220 when US 220 reconstruction begins then NCDOT will factor the trail crossing into their design, most likely with a tunnel. All this news dropped at the January BIG (Bicycling in Greensboro) meeting last night.

On a side note--It has been asked that everyone stay clear of the Cone Blvd tunnel until the trail is officially opened (sometime in April or May depending on the weather). The tunnel is not safe to use at this time and all the rain just raises the risk factors.

On Yer Bike!

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