Jury Duty

I had it. As a citizen of this democracy it's my duty to participate in it. That said, I have a few complaints on how it's handled here in Guilford County. The Courthouse in Greensboro is just a little uptight about security. Have you ever seen an adjustment wrench for a Brooks saddle? It's a piece of stamped steel about 3 1/2 inches long. That was deemed a large wrench. And a Topeak Turbomorph is considered a weapon. Just to compound this problem, the Courthouse website does not list what is not allowed beyond fire arms and knives. The security chief also copped an attitude about me being dressed in lycra at the security point. Apparently he didn't consider the fact I couldn't change into more acceptable clothing until I got past the checkpoint and into a restroom. When challenged as to what they expected me to do about my "weapons" they did back down a bit and secured them for me at the kiosk. Apparently they didn't want to contact the jury clerk as I was pressing them to do.

Now into the waiting room. Thumbs up for the free WiFi. Thumbs down for blocking Wordpress and Blogger. I'm sitting there cooling my heels and I can't surf the blogs, only the RSS feeds, not a problem if the feed is fat but there are a lot of good thin feeds you need to click through to get to the meat of the article. Also a huge thumbs down for blocking Yehuda Moon just as Rick is starting to publish the strip again. That strip if far more than entertainment, a huge amount of advocacy discussion transpires in the comments section. Finally, IMAP and POP3 mail clients do not work on the free WiFi. If you need your mail, you have to use some lame web client, and believe me, web clients running in Safari on an iPod Touch are truly lame.

Anyway, it turned into a day of nothing. Two groups of jurors were taken from the pool and I wasn't in either. We were released for the day at 4:00pm so I was able to get clear of the downtown area before the evening rush got rolling.

Final warning, eat breakfast before you get there...first break isn't until 11:00am with lunch at 12:30. The vending machines though well stocked are well stocked with junk albeit the prices are lower by a large margin than the vending machines on campus at NC A&T.

On Yer Bike!

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