How to Organize This

Boston has a new program to combat bike theft. A simple online form allows a bike owner to register their bike giving a full description and even allows photo uploads.

The hard part is GPD buy in. Despite the fact that the "take" from bike theft is four times higher than bank robbery (DOJ stats put bank robbery at 72.7M and bike theft at approx 225K units--it is estimated only 1 in 5 bike thefts gets reported so at an average value of $250 bike you have a take of over $281M) my guess GPD would cry "understaffed" to any request for a new/revamped program given they say as much in their FAQ about why they don't respond to certain crimes. Also, the bicycle registration form looks like it was designed back in the '70s and hasn't been revisited since (Banana seat? Give me a break!).

On Yer Bike!


  1. In an effort to prevent theft in Canandaigua, I went on a leg strengthing ride to run down the theives tonight.
    13.6mph avg
    terrain-mostly flat, some gentle farm slopes
    9.1 miles
    39min 50 secs
    Not stellar, but I don't know any theives that can run that fast for that long!

    ON YER BIKE!!! =)

  2. You need to come down here and try some of the lung busters we have around here. Some are deceptively tough, others take no prisoners. Bring a mountain bike, the park next door has 4 miles of trails. Haven't tried them 'cause the Trek isn't well suited to it and the Cat is too wide for much of it.