The Lance Effect

Is Armstrong a certified genius or just a total attention whore? From what I had been seeing leading up to this years TdF I assumed he didn't have the form to podium, much less win, the race. And yet yesterday he catapults from 10th to 3rd position on the GC and today with a little help from his "friends" he is now 0.18 seconds out of 1st place. Cancellara will fold in the mountains, that much is a foregone conclusion. Maybe not in the Pyrennees but definitely in the Alps. Will Armstrong hold together and will Contador hand over the reigns? Alberto is young enough to potentially eclipse Armstrong in TdF wins if he were to focus on that tour as Lance did. He's shown the strength to win any tour he decides he wants with Giro and Vuelta wins after his first TdF win. Prior to the TdF it looked like Armstrong was in the mix almost purely as a Livestrong/Cancer Research Awareness publicity stunt. Now it almost looks like he might have been sandbagging in the Stage 1 ITT in order to generate shock and awe during Stages 3 and 4.

On Yer Bike!

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